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Pillar 4 - Standardisation

Leader : Jan Maarten Van Dijl

BaSysBio will promote an extensive standardisation essential to systems biology approaches and important to reduce the fragmentation of European research. A major focus will be placed on the development of: ß Standardised experiments, protocols, genetic background of strains and perturbations to the system: furthermore, control mechanisms will be included in the novel tools developed and in the experimental procedures to ensure that the data generated by the different partners can be compared and are reliable; ß Standards for the description of models, the representations of networks and components to be modelled; ß Standardised data format, storage and retrieval procedures and computer codes to maximise compatibility between the different “cellular modules” developed by the different partners and which could ultimately be combined. Thus, a consistent use of multi-platform, non proprietary programming languages adapted to systems biology will be made. This extensive standardisation effort will impose a close and continuous interaction between modelling requirements, technology development and experimental planning and operation and foster mutual understanding and close interactions between the different partners to reach a common objective. Thus, standardisation which is a key to the success of systems biology approaches will also bring an important contribution to reducing the fragmentation of European science. P4 will support the Information system of the project and the standardisation of modelling (WP4.1) as well as the standardisation of experiments and data (WP4.2).

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