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WP 3.2 - The Computational Modelling

Leader : Jorg Stelling

Workpackage leader: Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich, Pr. Jörg Stelling

WP3.2 will generate predictive mathematical models for B. subtilis and Gram-positive pathogens as well as new concepts and methodologies to improve modelling and simulation of regulatory networks, identification of cellular design principles and optimal experimental design. The standardised quantitative data generated in the Biology pillar and pre-processed by WP 3.1 will be the basis for the construction of mathematical models that, in combination with the novel analysis methods developed, will help break down the complexity of regulatory networks and facilitate understanding of genetic regulation. Modelling will generate novel hypotheses about the mechanistic nature of dynamic cellular responses in the systems' context, which will subsequently be validated or rejected by targeted experimentation in the Biology Pillar. WP3.2 will: