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INRA Transfert (IT)

Location : Paris / F
Leader : N/A
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- Description of the institution:

INRA Transfert is fully-owned INRA's subsidiary created by INRA in 2001 as part of its effort to exploit research results and innovative technologies, and develop them into concrete business opportunities. INRA Transfert is a technology transfer company specialized in the field of innovating technologies arising from agriculture-related research .

INRA Transfert is as well a project management consulting company specialized in the field of innovating technologies arising from agriculture – related research. INRA Transfert assists the key players in Research and Innovation in setting up and managing their European research projects and networks.

- Description of the different units involved in the project/ Competences of the team in the project:

The BaSysBio management encompasses three main aspects

- Supporting the coordinator in the strategic management of the project which is designed to ensure the relevance of the project workplan throughout external scientific and technological changes

- Helping the coordinator monitor the project so it progresses according to the workplan in terms of achievements as well as spent resources.

- Ensuring the administrative and financial management.

- Key persons involved in BaSysBio:

Dr Bao Diep

Bao Diep holds a PhD in Mechanics. He is the manager of the IT's Europe Department. Dr Diep has a long experience in buildingup and managing European research and development programmes funded by the 5 th and 6 th Framework Programmes.

Caroline Sautot

Caroline Sautot holds a Master of Science in Biotechnology (University of Pau) and a Master in Project Management (University of La Rochelle). She started her professional career as research assistant. She then turned to management as European Project Manager within INRA Transfert where she got her first experience as supporting project manager for the Integrated Project Co-Extra.

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