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Applera Deutschland (AB)

Location : Darmstadt / D
Leader : Alexander Jung
Website :

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As a key supplier for molecular biology systems and instrumentation , AB connects with the scientific community in various ways to continuously improve the service and solutions we provide for its customers. Being a scientific partner in the important scientific networks helps AB to design cutting edge solutions to scientists working on cutting edge biology research. AB has developed m ass s pectrometric w orkflows for quantitative proteomics to support the demand for accurate and high-throughput protein identification and quantification and thus bridge the technology gap shown on the left .

The Science Centre Europe being the project partner in BaSysBio initiates, manages and runs scientific projects, particularly in collaboration with European academic and industrial research groups. Making available new technologies and workflows to our partners very early on and at the same time work with them on the next generation of biological applications ensures the continuous high quality and user-friedliness of AB products.

This partner withdrew from BaSysBio as of 31/10/2009

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