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Trinity College Dublin (TCD)

Location : Dublin / IR
Leader : N/A
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- Short description of the institution:

The Smurfit Institute of Genetics was founded in 1958 and today comprises 15 full-time academic staff. There is a wide range of research interests within the institute: apoptosis, genetic diseases of the eye, plant development, molecular evolution, molecular neurogenetics, population genetics and prokaryotic molecular genetics.

- Description of the different units involved in the project/ Competences of the team in the project:

Prokaryotic Molecular Genetics

The Devine group works mainly on Bacillus subtilis . Our primary research interest focuses on signal transduction mediated by two-component systems: particularly YycFG and CssRS. We also investigate regulated expression of lysyl tRNA synthetases from Bacilli with an emphasis on class I LysRS from B. cereus. We utilise the full range of molecular genetic techniques with a recent focus on microarray analysis to investigate gene expression. We have participated in the B. subtilis genome sequencing, functional analysis, network and BACELL Health projects.

- Key persons involved in BaSysBio:

Pr. Kevin Devine ,

Has worked on the molecular genetics of Bacillus subtilis , specialising in gene expression under stress conditions for more than 20 years. He participated in the BAP and BEP Biotechnology programmes and was involved in the B. subtilis Genome Sequencing, Functional Analysis, Network and BACELL Health programmes.

Dr. David Noone

Dr Noone is a senior Postdoctoral Fellow in the laboratory. He has more than 12 years experience in working with B. subtilis and has participated in all the EU–funded programmes mentioned above subsequent to and including the Genome Sequencing project.

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